Resume and Stats

Bryce Walters
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  • Height:  5' 3 "
  • Weight:  110 lbs.
  • Hair Color:  Brown
  • Eye Color:  Brown
  • Age Range:  12-15

Special Skills

ballet | tap | jazz | animation (break dance) | skate-boarding | can solve Rubik's cube in under 2 minutes
video gaming | archery | BB gun | tree-climbing | baseball | basketball | soccer | skiing | swimming

Film & TV

Grimm: Episode 209 Featured NBC
The Sandwich Days Lead Phil Vaira Films
Bucksville Featured Chel White, Running Deer Films
Train Master 2- Jeremiah's Treasure   Lead Phil Bransom, Bransom Productions
The American Disciples Supporting Anthony Pierce, Toeknee Films
Watch Me Lead Ian Chapman, Clockwork Edits
Into The Wild Featured Sean Penn, Paramount Vantage
The Train Master Supporting Phil Bransom, Bransom Productions
Joseph Supporting Jared Rogerss, GFU Film
Survive The Outbreak Featured LynnLund, Silk Tricky
The Mannequin Tree Lead Mark Richert, Word Productions

Commercial & VIDEO

Internet Product Promotion Principal Nintendo
Internet Product Promotion Principal Hewlett Packard
Promo Video & DRTV Principal Brookstone
CPR Training Video Principal Medic First Aid
Health Care For Life Principal Oregon Medical Group
Rescuing Recess Supporting Cartoon Network
Promotional Videos & PSAs Principal Camp Fire USA

Modeling & Print

Portland Fashion Week Tommy Hilfiger
HO'12 SAMM -Young Atheletes Showcase Nike
Product Promotion Newspaper Ads Fred Meyer
Product Promotion Posters & Internet Stills Adidas
Product Promotion Brochures Intel Corporation
Oregon Wedding Showcase Men's Wearhouse & Mr. Formal
Website & Brochure Stills Camp Fire USA


Best Christmas Pageant Ever Ollie Lakewood Theater
Holidazed Wils Artists Repertory Theatre
Willie Wonka Mike Teavee New Moon Productions
A Christmas Carol ('06-'07) Tiny Tim Actors Cabaret
Really Rosie Chicken Soup ACE Youth Academy
The Jungle Book, Junior The Baby Elephant / Monkey ACE Youth Academy
Evita Children's Choir Actors Cabaret
Seussology The Littlest Who Upstart Crow Studios


On Camera Success Sandra Peabody  
Scene Study/Improv Suzi Smith  
Musical Theater Joe Zingo  
Voice Training Erica Jean  
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