Bryce Walters is a young actor from Portland, Oregon who enjoys performing in film, tv shows, commercials and on stage.

Bryce started his acting career at age 5 as the Littelest Who in 'Seussology' with Upstart Crow Studios in Eugene. He loved the audience reactions and so continued acting in other plays in rolls such as Chicken Soup in 'Really Rosie' and Tiny Tim  in 'A Christmas Carol' with Actors Cabaret.

While watching TV one day, he decided he wanted to also be in movies... luck had it that he auditioned for and landed a roll in a small flash-back scene in the movie 'Into The Wild' as a young Chris McCandless.

At the age of 8, he moved to Portland with his family and was quickly embraced by the local theater and film community here and has been busy with plays, films, TV shows, commercials and modeling ever since.

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